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Your first appointment

Your first appointment allows me to get to know you and understand how I can help you.  During our first meeting, you can find out if you feel comfortable with me as the person to help you reach your goals.  I will ask you questions about what difficulties you are experiencing and about your history, and provide time for you to ask questions about what to expect from therapy.  By taking a complete history, together we can arrive at the best plan possible to help you with the problems and issues for which you are seeking help.
Parents or legal guardians of kids and teens under the age of 18 should plan to attend the first appointment with their child.  Your ongoing involvement in your child's therapy is important for a successful outcome.
Before the first appointment, there are some forms that need to be completed.  Please come early and allow at least 15-20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete these forms.  Please also remember to bring your insurance card to your first appointment.